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Celebrating Digital Life

Hello, We going to review some facts about second life before we start. Fact 1. Fist SecondLife Avatars have no genitals or reproductive settings and their "Gender" setting is simply a float of 1.0 for male and 0.0 for female, this simply means when you choose a shape setting of male or female shape base it is listed in the Second Life database as 1.0 or 0.0 and that is all. Fact 2. Second Life can not detect the difference between a hug animation, dance animation or a sexual animation all it can do is store an animation-name you are playing on your avatar and scripting can only read back that animations name, there is no age setting on animations. Fact 2. Shape sliders in bento or normal can not be trigger by scripts, this means you can not change the avatars shape sizing like stomach and body fat or breast size with any HUD or scripted attachment, you have to do what is the shape setting manually. You can wear an animated object that uses bento joints to adjust placement but that is an attached object, not your avatars body and is subject for skin-matching problems and clothing fitting issues. Also, the second life system will not switch a body shape that has to be done on the user's side via their inventory options this is for security and there is no workaround. If any ones told you different this they are misinformed, trust me after 15 years of the script designing in second life I tell you this from experience add I am on the SL wiki LSL portal every day for 15 years studying functions and developing ways to use them.

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